Save by Shopping in Hakaniemi

On this venture to seek out better ways to maximise our 100€ bi-monthly grocery bill for two we stop by Hakaniemi to buy some legumes.
Hakaniemi is a district in Helsinki where many specialty shops have made their home. Here among other stores you’ll find african and oriental food importers.
Generally you will find better prices and different selection.

I stopped by one store and grabbed the following:

shopping at hakaniemi gives you more options and better prices

Hakaniemi Prisma
Red split lentils 3€ kg 3.88€ kg
Chick Peas 3€ kg 4€ kg
Mung beans 3.20€ kg 4.70€ kg
Tofu 3.40€ kg 5.63€ kg
butter beans 4.40€ kg 5.82€ kg
Toor dall 4.40€ kg ???
Soy Sauce 2.66€ l 4.70€ l
peanut butter 5.20€ kg 9,57€ kg

Because of the portions I got, my total came out to about 17€… which would have cost me nearly 23€ in prisma.  A 26% difference.
That leaves 83€ for the rest of the plan.

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cheapest peanut butter I've found in the Helsinki reagion.
cheapest peanut butter I’ve found in the Helsinki reagion.

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