Video: planning the 100€ budget

Just a quick video on planning the 100€ per person a month budget.

Part of keeping a budget is proper planning. We are two people. One vegan. One not. We decided months ago that our grocery budget for the two of us would be 200€ a month

That’s 100€ every two weeks. We’ll shop every two weeks. we’ll post our list and eventually recipe’s on this site –

so how do we prepare?

with the internet!

In Finland the two major supermarket chains have online stores with detailed listings of their inventory and prices.

the perfect system to pre-plan for kesko stores including k-supermarkets, k-markets and k-citymarkets

I tend not to use this site as sorting happens by unit price rather than weight, and the site is in general hard to navigate. To top this off, in my area k stores nearly always are more expensive, even when products are on sale. This may be different in your area, but just a heads up. covers all s-group stores, including s-market, sale, alepa, and prisma.

I prefer this site as it is better organized, search actually works, and you can sort price by weight. It also allows you to save and edit your list later on.

Choose whichever site works for you – At the end of the day we’ll be running down to ethnic markets and to lidl to grab most of our purchases

what you do is simply think about what you need, fruit, vegetables, detergent, etc. and go down the list – comparing the different offers for the day, and the options you have – write down the price by weight if you want to refer to it.

balance your cart to the amount you want, and then in your cart view click print.
What I usually do is overfill my cart with everything we might possibly want and then pick out what can be left out to keep within budget. You’ll get a nice list that you can save as a pdf, or print if that is your preference.

Now, you carry that list with you when you run to other markets or lidl. You’ll have a quick reference of what prices are – you’ll find lidl isn’t always the cheapest option, or will have everything you want in stock.

This method works well especially if grocery stores near you are clustered together. But even if they are not, this is an excellent way to plan your grocery budget – using real-time prices and shopping at cheaper markets.

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