Riding Cheap on the Viking Line.

Summer is here, Falls up next, and Winter is inevitable. Whatever the season, you want to travel cheap and to see the world. If you’re new here, and don’t speak Finnish or Swedish, you’ll jump on Viking Line’s website just to empty your wallet out on that day trip to Stockholm.

To illustrate what I am talking about I’ve taken a screenshot of Viking Line’s pricing for the same exact day-trip to Stockholm. As far as I can tell these offers consist of the same type of cabin, on the same boat, and departing at the same exact hour. The only difference? The price.

viking prices

Prices will vary depending on the day you choose. The rule generally is that with the English language site you’ll over pay, if you want the best deal – find a coupon. If you can’t find one, then sign up for the Viking club. In this post I’ve taken an example of a weekend itinerary, not an uncommon trip. I call these ferries floating busses, as they are the cheapest route out into and out of the country. But unlike a bus, you get a cabin to sleep in and a cruise full of activities you can’t afford.

If you jump on Viking Line’s international sales page in English you will be presented with the most expensive offer available. 422.50€
This whole region is expensive right? And come on, it’s a cruise! You don’t get to be on one of those every day.

But if you are stingy and just can’t get past the idea of lighting your money on fire to warm you on those cool summer nights – then you’ll jump over to the Finnish site where at a savings of over 240€ you’ll find the same itinerary for a cool 179€ . not bad.

But hey, you’ve signed up to the only bank that doesn’t milk you for ridiculous maintenance fees and actually comes with a half-way decent bonus plan. That S-card gets you another 18€ off, coming out to 161€ for the trip.

Yet. It’s not as cheap as it gets. Signing up for the Viking club is free and easy, giving you a printable customer number that can be used immediately. Dropping your price down to 143€

Remember the last time you printed something? Me neither. Luckily your local library has this archaic equipment that feeds on the remnants of dead trees. Look up the code ‘FPKRY’ – if you are lucky you will find a PDF. Check the dates to make sure they are valid. Print. With this code entered online, we get our cheapest price yet: 89€
This code is used year round, you’ll often find people through facebook, huuto.net and tori trying to sell these free coupons for a quick profit.

That’s 89€ for a cabin for four. So if you actually travel with four people, then it’s about 22€ a person. For a round trip ticket to Stockholm, two nights in a cabin, a cruise, and a day to tour. Pretty good deal I’d say.

Now here is a bonus tip. Sign up for the Viking club along with the junk mail they send you. We hate junk mail, filter it to a separate folder if need be. The offers Viking Line sends over email are ridiculously cheap. If you’ve got a trip coming up, just dig in that folder to see what offers are out. On the off season they often offer members free trips.

Hope this helps.

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