A Job Seeking Tour Through Europe – part I

As mentioned in the previous post I’d be bringing back old posts from an old website. This starts off my story of how I would ultimately make Finland home. This story starts back in December of 2015.

What am I doing here? Well, back in Finland a friend I was staying with suggested I start a blog about my job search. Since I know that companies out there are in fact looking at this blog, that is exactly what I plan to do. As slow as this year has been, it has been nothing short of interesting. From graduating with honors after a yearlong exchange in Finland, to witnessing the devastating effects of the earthquake in Chile. Now I’m here trying to convince someone that I am worth the time, money, and paperwork involved in hiring me.

After working for nearly four months as a wiring helper throughout poverty stricken Appalachia, I realized that the only way I would land a job pertaining to my depth of skill and experience would be to head towards a city. New York? Boston? Atlanta? With the emotional support of coworkers and family I packed everything I own into a suitcase and left on the cheapest flight to Europe.

continued in next post…

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