A little closer

As mentioned, I’ve been transferring some old content and posts to my new site. Originally posted way back in may 2011.


It was a good feeling, to already be accepted to all but one of the dozens of Finnish universities I had applied to. I made my choice, and would be looking forward to at least another two years in Finland.

on the way back finland

A little Closer

After some shipping issues, my letter of acceptance arrived! I would need to drop some documents off at the Finnish embassy. With that news I’m on the bus, destination Santiago de Chile. An annoying *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* that goes on throughout the entire night as the bus warns us passengers inside that the driver is exceeding the speed limit. Rarely will you get a driver who calmly drives through the countryside at an easy 80kph. No, most likely it’ll be one who aims to keep his speed at 99kph; inevitably hitting that dreaded 100 mark triggering the alarm. You might just get lucky and have the driver who no longer gives a care and flies down that highway at a good 130 kph swinging you around every curve. Either way, it’s a smooth ride. Papers in, another twelve hours and five movies later means I’m sitting back home. Just a little closer.

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