Around Helsinki for the First Time

(Posted July 2011)

I’ve been around for about four days now. It’s been exhausting,but very nice. Just taking care of all practical maters. payed all my accounts, signed my apartment contract, turned in enrollment paperwork, and met with an old friend.

I was bit disappointing with the apartment I received from HOAS (the student housing association here). The apartment itself is great, larger then I am accustomed to, efficiently designed, and in a good location. Though with kitchen walls and cabinets covered in grease, and a balcony riddled with cigarette butts, it is generally in an unpleasant state. Just needs a good cleaning. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some help from HOAS.

Apart from that, got a good deal deal on a bike and explored the city. I’ll post some pictures below.

People here have been great

new bike

My “New” bike. Grabbed for 50€. About a year or so later it would be stolen. But I’d end up with another used bike down the line.

helsinki panorama

view from said bridge in helsinki

under the bridge

They were removing chemically toxic ground in this area and replacing with something cleaner.

graffitti wall

Legal Graffiti wall

mobile sauna

Mobile Sauna


university of helsinki

University of helsinki

The doom

The “Doom” Search


amusement park at night

helsinki at night

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