Clonezilla Live guide

Note: This guide was made in early 2007. Changes may be seen between the version of Clonezilla Live used and the latest version available.

This document is a step-by-step guide on how to use Clonezilla Live as a simple cloning solution. Clonezilla is a full free open-source cloning suite. It runs on Linux, and can be used to deploy images. Server tools do exist, and can be used to create an alternative, manageable, license free cloning environment at a reduced cost. You can access all tools and documentation from the Clonezilla website at:

Make sure Computer is set up to boot from CD.
Images may be slightly different Depending on the computer and version of clonezilla.
1. With the Clonezilla CD inserted, turn the computer on
2. The screen below or similar should appear.
Select “Clonezilla live (no framebuffer)”


3. If the screen below appears, select “en” using the spacebar for
The language and press enter.

4. You will now wait for clonezilla to boot up, if there are no
Problems, the following screen or similar should appear. Press enter

5. at the command prompt type:
sudo su –
And press enter
6. Now to connect to the network drive where cloned images are stored
mount -t smbfs -o username=YourUserName,Password=YourPassword
//servername/folder /home/partimag
YourUserName will be you user name used to access the network
YOUPassword will be your password used along with your username to connect to the network
7. We now need to run clonezilla, type:
8. Select English for the language
To do this type in:
And press enter

9. If you need to create an image, look at Creating an Image. If you
Need to restore an Image, look at Restoring an Image.
Restoring an Image
1. Once you have clonezilla running the following screen should show up.
Select “restoreparts” using the spacebar.
Press enter to proceed.

2. on the following screen. Make sure only the following are selected
-g auto Client will reinstall grub in its HD MBR
-a Do Not force to turn on HD DMA

If you are cloning to a Hard disk that has a different size then the
Original image, select
-r Resize the partition when restoration finishes.
3. Select the appropriate image on the following screen. Press enter.
4. Select the primary partition
hda1 disk(hda)_partition(1)
Press enter

5. on the warning screen type:
Press enter

6. Cloning process will begin. When done, select Shutdown.
Remove disk when asked to. Power off the Computer.


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