Finnish course over, Dentist appointment, Door locked.

(Originally posted August 2011)

I took my final exam today. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, yet I’ll be surprised to learn what my score turns out to be tomorrow. The Finnish course turned out a bit tiring, but in the end my basic knowledge has greatly improved. If I had time I would continue onto the next level, but unfortunately my University studies will begin soon. After several interviews last winter I have come to learn that Finnish is crucial to working in Finland, regardless if you are in an English work environment. Despite having this ingrained in my mind, it’s hard to say if I will be able to continue focusing on the language. I will give it a best effort approach, and we’ll see where I’m at in two years.

If I hadn’t mentioned it before, I stopped by the dentist the day I left Chile. Never having had a cavity in my life before it was a bit disturbing to see as the dentist pointed out the little holes in the back of my teeth. well over a dozen cavities. With a bit of pain and hours later the deepest cavities were filled. Without time to stick around I would have to postpone the rest. In the US I could not justify the cost, knowing that I would soon be in Finland. Last week student health services opened back up, I called immediately. After some trouble setting up the appointment over the phone, I went straight to the office. I was added to the queue, with an approximate four month wait. Hopefully it’ll get taken care of.

On another note, my doorknob fell off and I was made to pay 20 euros to get back in my room. By now if you don’t know yet, I tend to calculate money in direct relation to how much food it’s worth, we can say this little incident cost me a good week worth of meals. I did like how they “fixed” the door the next day. Hammer a ten inch screw trough the handle and call it done. The only accomplishment here was having the doorknob attached to the door. Otherwise it has no function.

It’s been a busy but good week. The weather is getting a bit cool, but the sun is always out.

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