Return to Chile

Originally posted from March to June 2011

Andes mountains

Flying from Santiago to Temuco you get this view of the Andes Mountains.


This is the small town of Carahue in Southern Chile, where I would stay while waiting on my Finnish University applications.

Puerto Saavedra

Panoramic shot I took of Puerto Saavedra. The sea is never far in Chile.


A man riding a horse down the beach.


Villa Rica, one of the many active volcanoes in the region.


Pucon, the Lake district


Copihue, the national flower

Carahue panorama

Panoramic view from Carahue.

carahue view

Another panorama near carahue


Completo – Chilean hotdogs


piñones or pine nuts. These come from the Araucaria which is considered to be a “living fossil.” A prehistoric tree that lives to this day. Due to its adaptability to cold climate and its abundant fruit there have been suggestions to grow it in Nordic climates.


Outdoor cat. This cat would hang around my neck while I would browse the web from the rooftops (only way to get a good signal).


Nice view of Santiago while I prepare to head back to Finland


View of the City of Santiago from Cerro San Cristobal

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