Finland Update

(Originally posted October 2011)

I’ll post an update soon enough. here a picture of a squirrel out my window. courses move by fast. and not a clue how you did the months before. Anyway continuing on, I’m going to try to start with Finnish again, and also begin Russian. When asked if it’s because I’m planning to stay here? doesn’t really matter, I’m here now, and all I know is the last three job calls trailed off when asked about the extent of my Finnish language skills. Next period starts tomorrow. looks busy.

so, letter in the mail telling me I’m not eligible for a KELA benefits. which I knew. Though I had been promised a KELA card with no benefits. guess I have to go back to the office to figure this one out.

As the story goes, I’m eligible to pay the municipal health care price. When I went to the emergency room I didn’t have my SS number on me, so I had to pay the actual full health care cost. A bit more then my rent. Back to take another visit to talk to the KELA office tomorrow. Guess that’s the thing, money gone is money gone. Doubt I’ll ever see it back.

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