Posted April 2012

Snowing again. I have always found the snow pleasant and am still waiting to see if there will ever be a day I tire of it. So. Homework as always. Exams as always. Here, still waiting on word for traineeships and internships. An application to be a newspaper delivery boy is in process as well 🙂 .

It looks like the University of Helsinki is withdrawing from the Cross-Border University (CBU) program. Originally it had been the reason that I chose the university over many others in Finland. The idea of taking courses in Russia was intriguing, but never came to light in the way I expected. Little is as expected 😉 .

The whole idea of getting a bike last July was to save me a little cash. Clothes wear out faster, parts need to be replaced, and that one time you decide to grab the train you get slapped with an 80 euro fine for not scanning your travel card properly. But. The convenience of a bike in the city of Helsinki is unmatched, even in the winter.

Easter break is here, which means the summer is not too far off.

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