Studying nearby

(Originally posted November 2011)

Well, decided to go study in the nearby patch of forest. It’s a bit more productive then trying to work at home, school or the library. usually. Having to prepare your materials that you will be working on before hand, and then only being able to work with what you have eliminates distractions. The University lent us netbooks for the remainder of our studies, a great tool, 8 hours of battery life means I can practically use it anywhere. Although this night very little got done as I waited for necessary software to install.

The disadvantage of not having a central campus means that in a day I may commute 20-30 miles to get to and from classes. It means I will stay fit. So far, I can’t say university courses here are any easier or harder then anywhere else, but, I can say I am studying computer science without a computer science background.
Having networking as a strong base helps, but still, trying to program on the android platform without ever touching java before creates a challenge. But, just have to keep working at it.

now off too sleep.

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