Thesis and Update

Posted May-July 2012

A quick week of intensive courses in Petrozavodsk. A nice quiet city by the lake.
Now I’ve started working on this Software Factory work experience course to get a taste of software development.

When did this happen? Already half-way through my studies with only a pair of mandatory courses left… which means I should start searching for Thesis work. Unfortunately earlier this year the University of Helsinki pulled out from the Cross-Border University programme. Initially we had been informed that this most likely meant we would have to change degree programs. Interestingly enough, during our week of intensive studies in Petrozavodsk the topic came up; It was mentioned that in order to graduate from this programme we would need to figure out a way to receive the remaining CBU credits on our own (Studies in Russia). Thesis? Probably would work. Now to figure out how to make this happen…

Software factory was a bit disappointing but filled in six weeks of time. Now I’m working nights full-time for the month of July. Finland isn’t a 24 hour culture; the city shuts down at night, so working at night here is a bit different then nights in the US. No late night movie theaters, restaurants or shops. Rest of my time has gone to projects here in Ida.

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