(Posted Feb-Mar 2012)

I’ve had an amazing winter, and can’t be but a bit disappointing that it is soon coming to an end. New study period starting up means new courses, new projects. If I ever get around to posting more… well… I’ll post more.
Twice I’ve visited Rovio’s offices, and on each occasion I’ve been told to make sure and take a look at the summer trainee positions. I think it means I should be taking a look. Only have until Friday to apply to what I’m qualified for, and what I’m interested in. Both visits left me with the impression that Rovio must be a nice place to work at. It would be nice to find out.

Applications in. If nothing works out, looks like we’ll be biking to Norway this summer  .
Finally got around to ice swimming. My neighbor tells me I’m cheating since it’s warm outside. But the ground is still covered with snow and the lakes are still frozen. From savusauna, straight into the lake, and back again. and again. and again. End up nice and smoked.

Chasing the northern lights

I get back home to a parking lot full of stuck cars. My neighbor throws some chains on his tires, parks his car and says, let’s build a snowman.

Another Sunset

a glimpse of the northern lights

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