Posted December 2012

A week ago I get a rejection letter for an internship from a multinational corporation on the basis that I am not a student…. All my efforts to get through to someone are to no avail. Phone calls get forwarded to nowhere and e-mails wait for a response. Reminds me that nearly a year ago I did my thousand application sprint. One interview in particular comes to memory. It was at a very small business. Seemed to be moving along well until my current studies are mentioned. I get the question … “how old are you?” An inappropriate question I shouldn’t have answered. The interviewer sits back as tone changes for the rest of the interview. Photo, age, nationality are items are items I have been told would improve my CV. Something I prefer not to hear. Anyway, hopefully last weeks response was a mistake and soon I will receive my letter of rejection on the basis of inadequate skillset 😀 .

Snow is here. so all is good. As exchange students begin to leave here (One last big Ida party), I’ll be busy making preparations for the new set of students. Fireshows, trips to sweden/estonia, factory tours…. It’ll be the same as this semester… just better 😀 .

and now. waiting on results for a couple of exams.

Just because I was asked, none of our performers, organizers, weekly language teachers or anyone else is paid. Pure enthusiasm.

Oh, and that indestructible phone I got a while back? It got ran over by a van.

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