Bye Bye Laptop

Posted November 2012

Laptop finally died. It was sort of expected, the graphics card had been showing signs of degradation over the past year. That and having had the LCD fail, it was sort of time to move on to a different machine. To think, this laptop has seen the world, been in a dozen countries. Waiting at night in subzero temperatures outside the airport terminal in Turku for my flight to Budapest, getting online from atop rooftops in Chile surrounded by the winter’s rain, It surprises me it survived this long. Looking all over the city of Helsinki for a cheap, low end desktop I ended picking something up at the second hand store far cheaper and faster than anything else I could have gotten new.
Thesis work has started. Does seem like an interesting project… will see how much I get done in the next two months. Work to be done.

Speakers. Out of the trash, bit of cleaning and perfect. I had been building a pair of speakers out of old TV speakers…. but now… no need. Anyway, need to focus my time on other projects.

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