Is it worth growing food at home?

Posted March 2013

Here you go. I would say in Finland, in the winter, as an individual, no.
But then again, what if this were incorporated into buildings and households? would it then be more cost effective?
Waste heat gets sucked back into living spaces to create less waste. Transportation costs are reduced. who knows if it would work.

Initial cost: Lights – 80 Euros
150 kg Soil – 10 Euros
Bunk bed and mattress – 55 euros (great for guests)
Seeds – 40 Euros
Nutrients – 5 Euros
Total: 190 Euros

What about electricity? Well I measured my usage over a month and came out with a figure of a little over 50 euros a month for lighting.

It would be interesting to analyze this further to see what savings may exist from using more efficient lighting as well as the real added cost of electricity in homes that already use electricity for heating.

It would be interesting to study this further. It does seem promising for those living in cold dark areas.

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