Posted October 2012

The second study period has started. The break week turned out nice, I had organized a 3-day cruise to Stockholm for residents here, along with some activities on return. I had forgot my Aalto classes were still in session, but happen to have a professor kind enough to redo the lesson so the couple of us who missed don’t get left behind. Exploring possibilities for thesis work at the university, I came to realize one key difference between educations here compared to the approach in the US. Specialization. As I’ve heard specialization in Finland begins in high school and begins to be far more focused from the beginning of university studies; in contrast to Universities in the US which are heavy in general education. It’s up for debate which is better or worse, but having taking courses in literature, ethics, health, biology, electronics, and so on makes for an adaptable skill set.
here, a picture of Sweden, a picture of my indoor garden, and a picture Salmiakki (off to the Fazer chocolate factory next week).

And an afternoon guest:

So sitting here trying to rethink my job seeking approach. How to catch an eye, maybe two? As it seems following the standard approach hasn’t helped. To think back, what got me interviews? The less sensible (more likely to stand out?), the more likely to get an invitation. Though, at the moment there is little urgency to land new work.

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