Year at an end

Posted December 2012

Merry Christmas! Here we had a big feast with neighbors. Played a game of capture the flag outdoors with a good snowball fight.

What am I doing now? Looking at future possibilities once again. Now is the time to apply for Universities around Finland if I plan to begin studies anew. With Education in Finland free of charge it gives one the possibility to explore, contemplate, and pursue knowledge without risk. Motivation is fueled by a desire to learn rather than economic outlook. A neighbor of mine changes his focus from math to Spanish. Nothing lost, no time limit to adhere to, no debt accrued. It is not unusual to meet students on their 8th year of studies here in Finland.

Despite the fact that I do have guidelines to meet based on my residence permit, the Educational system itself still allows for a comfortable amount of flexibility. This previous semester I have been lucky enough to attend a basic animation course at Aalto University where I’ve had the opportunity to pick up basic fundamentals. A slight deviation from my core program, but something I have enjoyed. It’s made me think that I might as well try my luck applying to some sort of Master’s in the area of Multimedia. Without a proper background in the area who knows if I’ll get accepted, but now I am researching different possibilities. This should be my final year of studies for my current degree. We’ll see how my remaining classes as well as my Final Thesis moves along. I’m in no rush. Job search should still be somewhere on the radar… Though in all respect I do enjoy my current part-time position. Covers my expenses, so no worries there. Plant a million seeds and at least a few should grow. Seems to be working with my garden so far . No use for a linear time line.

Once again, here at the apartments students are moving out as we prepare for a new wave of incoming students. Already I get messages from those who will be moving in. A whole new set of activities to start the New Year. Proud that we can say that seldom a week went by (possibly not even one) that we did not have an activity for our residents. I look back and simply think… wow… we really did that? Professional fire dancers performed, went to Stockholm on what would be considered pocket change, put up half a kilometer of Christmas lights, started weekly Finnish courses, and held parties where nearly every resident showed up. Even though all the same resources are made available, this level of community simply is not seen at other student residences. Ida Unity has been a project that has gone a long way, with still much a ways to go.

Lapland. Oh yes. I finally went to Lapland and ended up in Lapland.  Stayed on a Sheep farm. Walked into Sweden. Met Santa. Went back home. An enjoyable few days.

A finally wore bike rim down to the point of no return (brakes were in good condition)

This. This is a half built snow castle.

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