1 Exam done, 1 course and a Thesis left.

Posted August 2013

That is if I passed the exam. It’s a course I’ve been trying to avoid taking as I feel it’s a subject matter I can read on my own. I’ll find out if I’m right soon enough. If not, that leaves 2 courses. One in the Computer Science department, and the other a Russian political science course. After that, I’m left with a Thesis. After talking with my adviser this week, it seems like I could very well finish it by December. After that? work? more studies? both? or maybe I’ll just retire.’

I Might be needing one come September. Last week I jumped on my bike to go help a neighbor manually jump start his car. Just as I reached his car, my rear wheel caught onto a loose cable and ripped out my rear derailleur, destroying it and snapping the hanger. The hanger, which is designed to break to prevent further damage, is a simple but nonstandard metal piece that is a pain to find and expensive. The cheapest I could find was 30 euros… and that still leaves me with a derailleur to find. We’ll see if I can figure out a cheaper solution.

Classes start up again next week. not much left for me to go.

Still waiting on my residence permit after nearly three months. Guess that is how it goes.

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