Berries – Last post of old blog


This was the very last post of my old blog. Posted in August 2013. I felt it needed to be reposted as a journey and experience for others to look through. It may be sparse at times, but I do hope the imagery is enough to build a tale of sorts. It was written and created to document my job search throughout this little world of ours. Despite the divisions that exist, the disagreements that are created, I like the idea that our world is a global village that one can hop around in.  The reality will of course always be more difficult. I may have dropped much of what was an existing IT career to start it all over in the pursuit of an ideal. As you try to grasp the intangible, remember “Nothing worth having is easy.”

Soon after the final post a family member would get very ill. We would head off for a while. Returning after his death, my focus would be to set aside all work and complete my studies. That I did.

The Post office went through hard times and I would no longer be returning to work. The blog would be forgotten. Since this time I would ride the waves of the startup scene. With its ups, downs and inconsistency.  Eventually I decided to bring this blog back to life. A little older and with a little more perspective and a bit more experience. You’ll notice the first few articles posted are quite long. These were not meant for the blog, but rather linkedin. The tone is different due to a different audience. I’ll still post from time to time but the focus at the moment will be shifted to youtube videos. Video is a medium I enjoy to play with and hope to improve with.

I still do have some old content I’ll be uploading. For the most part technical guides I’d like to bring back online for those that need them.

With that said. Enjoy!

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