Cones and Cream

Posted June to July 2012

Porvoo. It’s nice when your guests drive you around.

Graduation doesn’t look to be far off, the question is, what next? As I remember when I first arrived I had told my adviser I was planning on taking my time… maybe four…. five years. Time moves fast. 95 credits out of the way, a Thesis left, an exam, and a couple of Russian study courses. There isn’t much left to go. Typically a Master’s here takes 2 years, a point I’ve already past. A delay that has been well worth it. Animation courses that I doubt I would have had the chance to take otherwise, a part-time job that has shown me another side of Helsinki, and involvement in a student community that has allowed me the freedom build my skill-set in other directions.
So why graduate sooner than later? Guess that would be for freedom once again. The higher education one has, the easier it is to be mobile. Many countries still offer work Visas on the basis of a point system; A Master’s degree from the University of Helsinki is worth many points. I wouldn’t mind sticking around Finland for a while; but seeing as how my classmates and I handle the job search, the reality may be a different one.
For now, back to studies.

Home made ice cream cones

another trip to Russia

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