Garden Conclusion

Posted April 2013

The garden goes. But why? It seemed no organization could give a clear answer. In general it was a “because we said so” attitude. I sent the story to the student union and they went to look further into the matter. After a couple of weeks worth of emails, the conclusion turned out to be high energy use. In student apartments electricity is usually included collectively in the rent of all tenants. It is an understandable argument, there is not much I can say against it. The energy I measured came out to around 500 watts when all lights were running. This energy kept the well insulated greenhouse warm; It is not much more energy use than a high end desktop computer. Speaking of which, here at the Computer Science department in helsinki a similar project has been trying to take advantage of excess server heat to keep a winter garden on the roof of exactum warm (
In the end, I am glad I did get a more reasonable answer.

It was an interesting project while it lasted, provided me with my daily greens, and left me with an immense amount of knowledge on lighting and gardening.

I got my rejection letter today from Aalto University for the New media program. A bit of a disappointment I can say I felt the interview went as strong as I could have made it, but my obvious lack of background in the area most likely put me behind other candidates. Well, more applications to more Universities next year. Here’s hoping education stays free.

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