5 dollar controller review

So today I’ve got two cheap controllers to show off.

A generic usb controller, and a generic xbox compatible usb controller

Let’s start with the xbox compatible controller – it looks identical to the official xbox controller down to nearly every detail.
But no promonent X on the central home button
And no inscription on the back with hardware details

For the price it is a fine controller… but it differs in quality from the official controllers.

The analog sticks are not quite as accurate, which for the most part is not an issue until you pick up a precision weapon in a game like a sniper riffle.
The trigger buttons also work ok, but definitely have a slightly rougher and cheaper feel when pressing down on them

The d-pad – again it works fine, but doesn’t have quite that tactile push that you would feel in the original controller.

The ab xy buttons? Actually feel authentic, to the initial press, to the extra push you can give it.

It’s a fine controller… but for the same price you can likely unt down authentic controllers on the used market which will serve you better

Funny story – I accidently killed my xbox with leaking potato juices when I made my overclocking video. Not that it didn’t already have issues.

Anyway, on to the second controller I just got.
A generic usb controller that has an uncanny resemblance to the playstation’s dual shock controller. Under 5€, so it is cheap.

It feels comfortable in your hands and acts just like a dualshock controller.
The D-pad is a bit stiff and can take a little while to become acustom to.
Like the previous controller, the analog sticks are not as sensitive, meaning small pushes are undetected.

The buttons are very clicky, and again, a little stiffer than you might expect.

It’s not a bad controller, it works for its intended purpose and handles well – just don’t expect it to handle as well as its more expensive offical counter part.

And that is my simple review of these cheap controllers

And what’s my plan? Well, there are quite a few classic games that I want to play that I never had the chance to.

Starting off with a game called seiken densetsu 3, or better known as Secret of Mana 2 – the sequel to one of my favorite games, which if it’s a topic of interest I might jump a little bit more into in a later vid.

So why not get a cheap SNES controller?
I just don’t think it’s as comfortable, that and it’s nice to have the extra buttons to tie in to some features provided by emulators, like fast forward and quick save and load.

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