Cheap online glasses (Zenni Optical Review)


I’ve been needing glasses for a while, and on occasion here in finland eyeglass stores get hyper competitive offering free eye exams to everyone.

So I got a new prescription and jumped on zenni optical. There’s a few
Online shops for glasses, but I’ve bought from these guys before, and I’ve been happy

36 dollars for double thin lenses, anti reflective, UV, high intensity blue blocking lenses – all those add on come at a premium in Finland, and would have set me back a few hundred euros that I don’t have.

Set of sunglasses for 17 bucks.

Ok, so the blue blocker is new to me, It’s suppose to reduce general eyestrain. Has a very slight amber tint to it, which you really don’t notice when wearing them.And has a cool violet reflection. So I don’t know. Maybe it’s the placebo effect, or just having clean new glasses, but in general, especially when staring at a screen, they do seem to work as intended.

There are a lot of claims of the negative effects of high intensity blue light, but nothing to really say if lenses like these are actually beneficial… and as far as I could tell online optometrists couldn’t seem to agree if it was worth it. So take that as you will.

The other thing I’ve found from my previous pair is that the lenses don’t age well, as the coating begins to age and deteriorate. Far worse than on a more expensive set of lenses from about 7 years ago. That said, the tech may have improved since then, and even if it hasn’t, I’m changing my glasses every year or two so this is a non issue.

They came with a nice little case padded with foam and also a micro fiber cloth.

You will likely need to adjust the glasses, as they won’t always fit perfectly, but this is to be expected as everyone is different.

All in all. An incredible deal for the price. First time I bought glasses online I hesitated a bit – but when I’m up against 30 bucks or hundreds of euros for my heavy prescription… there isn’t much of a choice to be made.

Anyway, that’s my review of zenni glasses, there are other options, etc.

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