Elitebook 900 review

The elitebook 900 by hewlett Packard

I have a cheap laptop. Our main machine. Where I video edit. Where I play the games that I can. And where I work.

Shared with my wife. She really needed a device of her own.
For her needs. She wanted a tablet. Something to slip in a bag and carry everywhere. While still being able to use for work, moving files to her phone, and so on.

So in comes the windows tablet. Full OS with nice form factor while bringing in the features and functionality of a full OS.

Since we don’t have the money to be buying something new, well used it is.

And when I’m looking at used, I’m looking at business class. Why? Simply because on the used market price is geared towards specs and not the actually physical build. That means you can get incredible gear that’ll take a hit for a good price. This elitepad 900 meets military standards for dust, vibration, temperature, humidity, altitude, and drop-proof up to 30 inches (or 76 centimeters). It is built tough. Not something you’ll see in an iPad or most other tablets.

I got a hold of it last year for 100€, including the expansion jacket. Not bad.
But even though it’s tough, it’s still sleek. Aluminum back, and gorilla glass two up front. As much as I trust it, just like all our touchscreen devices, tempered glass screen protector goes up top. A few bucks for just a little extra protection from scratches or damage. Elitebook parts aren’t cheap, which means repairs aren’t cheap. But. Then again. Let’s hope it’s solid build will keep if in one piece.

On the bottom you’ll have speakers and a single proprietary power port. It’s pretty efficient, never using more than 10 watts under load.

Up top you have a power button. An array of two microphones A rotation hold switch. And 3.5mm audio jack.

On the side your volume up and down.
And on the left hand side you have a little pin hole slot where you can insert a micro sdcard for additional storage or a sim card for HSPA+ connectivity of up to 21 megs a second.

There’s also an NFC reader, which I assume caters more to businesses than the home user.

Battery life is claimed to be 10 hours, but seeing as this is already a few years old it gets about 5-6 hours.

Ok, so. What about the expansion jacket?
It comes with a battery. A battery that doubles the battery life of the elitebook. Also claimed to add 10 hours, but in reality, with its age, we see an additional 5-6 hours. Giving us roughly 10-12 hours of battery life in use.

Honestly, that is amazing. You can go the whole day… Or two… Without worrying about charging.

The jacket might also seem to include additional speakers, but in reality are just holes that redirect the sound forward.

The elitepad slides right in. The top attaches itself magnetically and is secured with two small screws.

All the same buttons are passed through or easily accessible.

The jacket also adds a couple of usb 2.0 parts, HDMI out, a power port pass through, and a multimedia card reader.

Let’s turn it on. The specs are not magnificent. The Intel Atom z2760 clocked at 1.8Ghx leaves a bit to desired. Tied with 2GB of RAM, with no upgradability, you’ll need to consider carefully what you will be using this tablet for. For its purpose the hardware meets its needs. Browses the web fine, plays youtube videos, and runs office without an issue.

The screen is an LED LCD at 1280×800 it’s clear enough outdoors and indoors.
The speakers aren’t anything special (I think my phones loudspeaker sounds better), but it does the job. Whether you are skyping or watching a movie.

It uses an SSD for 64gb of storage. Has a built in GPS module, bluetooth 4.0, and 802.11 wifi for up to 300 Mbps connection.

An 8mp camera on back, and a 2.1mp in front.

It shipped with window 8, but I am running windows 10 on it.

If you login, you’ll see we have windows 10 running in tablet mode. You can run it in desktop mode if you so choose.
But nothing special here. It’s windows.
You can run chrome if you want, but I prefer edge on tablets.
Runs well enough. And well enough for what it is used for.

So yeah. There you go. The elitebook 900, what it lacks in power it makes up in battery life, and as a rugged sleek looking tough tablet.

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