Fixing a logitech mouse nano unifying receiver

I’ve been having an issue with my m305 Logitech mouse cutting in and out. I would have to wiggle the receiver to just the right position… and if I was lucky it would work until the next day. It got frustrating to the point that I really couldn’t use the mouse.
After a bit of research it seems to be that the usb contacts on the unifying nano receiver are not being made properly. The fix? Quite easy.
Remove the housing. Stuff a little bit of paper on the underside, and squeeze the housing back on. And if all goes well it should work perfectly. As simple as that. Try it. You might save yourself a little money

The Logitech m305. When I bought my used probook, it came with this little portable mouse. A nice little added value. Track pads…. I guess they are ok… if you’ve got nothing else. I mean, the probooks multi gesture trackpad is neat… but if you’re going to do even the slightest of gaming… or video editing, you need a mouse.

The m305 has an optical resolution of 1000 dpi, allowing for smooth scrolling and accurate response. Despite it small size it has a very comfortable has a nice symmetrical comfortable form factor with rubberized grips which should fit you whether you are left handed or right. Scroll wheel has the addition of left and right tilt which has its conveniences.
It runs on a single double a battery which seems to lasts months on end, and is actually rated for 4 months.
You can also store the usb receiver in the mouse, allowing for greater portability.

Mice are simple devices, yet there is a certain satisfaction with using a comfortable accurate mouse… and the Logitech m305 is that in a small portable package.

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